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About Tolmet


Why Our Sprayers?

Our sprayers are designed for durability and reliability and to meet the rigorous demands of any farming, equine or grounds-keeping deployment.

Tolmet products are supplied in the UK by Agritrend LTD

The Tolmet sprayer range is the default choice for a decent quality budget sprayer with guaranteed parts, advice and backup from Agritrend LTD.

Agritrend has a mission with Tolmet sprayers

Our main mission is to provide the best affordable sprayer on the UK market. We want to provide the best of both worlds by offering the chance to own and use a premium quality budget sprayer without paying big brand prices. In addition, the Tolmets offer a long and reliable life with immediate support and backup from our deep spares inventory held here in the UK where we do the final assembly of the sprayers.

We offer long life and trouble free ownership

The sprayers are designed right and have benefitted from a 9 year partnership between Tolmet and Agritrend. Key components are of high quality including pressure manifolds and pumps. Chassis and booms are much more robust than ALL other economy sprayers. Welding and steelwork is of very good quality. Final assembly takes place in the UK to ensure quality control and elimination of defects. We have 9 years experience in getting this right and a legacy of over 800 sprayers in service in the UK and Ireland.

We approach all orders individually. In this way, we can meet special needs with technical advice and a consultative solution. Call us now to discuss the sprayer s and get a quote.

Call us now to discuss the sprayers and get a quote.

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