200 Litre Tolmet Tractor Mounted Sprayer with 6 meter boom


200 litre tractor mounted agricultural sprayer with 6 meter boom and galvanized chassis with 3 plus 1 manifold.

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200 Litre Tolmet Tractor Mounted Sprayer with a 6-meter boom. 

Tolmet supplies a professional 3-point linkage mounted agricultural sprayer range at a budget price. The sprayers are designed for agricultural and grass-care tractors. Comprehensive options ensure easy, efficient and effective spraying.
Our tractor-mounted crop sprayer boasts a range of impressive features and high-quality components to guarantee consistent performance and durability. Equipped with single 110-degree standard fan type nozzles with blue caps. The sprayers deliver precise and uniform reults for optimal coverage.

Construction of the Tractor Mounted Sprayers

The tank of the sprayer uses LLD-PE polyethylene, known for its exceptional strength and resistance to chemicals and UV rays. Its robust galvanized boom spans 6 meters, featuring sprung breakback and robust end protectors to ensure reliable and safe operation. The heavy-duty galvanized chassis provides stability and longevity for a valuable long-life and resilient asset.

Standard Features

For added convenience, all sprayers include a 15-litre hand-wash tank, allowing you to maintain skin safety,  while working with hazardous chemicals. The 3 plus 1 manifold enhances efficiency with in-built pressure control dials on each section offering better control. The manual on/off lever is very strong and designed to last. There is an integrated pressure gauge which the operator can monitor, ensuring optimal spraying conditions at all times. The sprayer comes with a 750mm PTO shaft.


We understand the importance of proper filtration, which is why this sprayer comes with a basket strainer integrated with the lid. This feature prevents clogging and protects the nozzles, ensuring consistent performance. Additionally, the internal tank agitator guarantees a well-mixed solution, enhancing the effectiveness of your spraying applications.


This 200 litre Tolmet tractor mounted agricultural crop sprayer is equipped with a powerful double chamber pump, capable of delivering an impressive 120 litres per minute. With the winch height adjustment for the boom, you can easily customize the spraying height to suit your specific needs. The 750mm PTO shaft ensures reliable power transmission from your tractor to the sprayer.

Customize your sprayer even further with our available options.

Choose triple nozzles for specialized chemicals and liquid fertiliser. Opt for the electric control on/off system, conveniently operated from your tractor’s cab using the control box. Alternatively, select full electric control with independent boom section pressure variance and cut-off. Full electric allows dynamic spraying patterns.  For efficient time management, consider adding the self-fill suction system. This feature accelerates the refilling process, saving you valuable time and effort and improving chemical safety. Additionally, a hand-lance with a retractable 10-meter hose is available for spot spraying applications, providing flexibility and precision.

Warranty and Support

To provide peace of mind and ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a comprehensive two-year warranty card with every purchase. Furthermore, the sprayer comes with a certificate of conformity, valid for five years from the date of sale. We stand by quality and compliance with industry standards backed by Agritrend support. We at Agritrend are available for parts, spares and active advice and support 7 days per week. The sprayers are assembled in the UK for quality control. With their robust construction, professional  features, and versatility, this sprayer  is the default choice for reliable and cost effective spraying equipment.

Equipment summary


  • Single 110 degree standard fan type nozzles, blue caps. Variations available
  • Tank made of LLD-PE polyethylene
  • Robust galvanized boom, 6m width with sprung breakback and end protectors
  • Heavy duty galvanised chassis
  • 15-litre hand-wash tank
  • 3 plus 1 manifold
  • Robust manual shut-off controls with additional pressure balance taps
  • Pressure gauge
  • Basket strainer integrated with the lid
  • Internal tank agitator
  • Double chamber pump 120l / min
  • Winch height adjustment for the boom
  • 750mm PTO shaft
  • Two-year warranty card
  • Certificate of conformity for five years from sale


  • Triple nozzles
  • Electric control on/off whole boom with in cab control box
  • Electric control independent boom sections with in cab control box
  • Self-fill suction system
  • Hand-lance with 10 meter hose for spot spraying


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