1000 Litre Tractor Mounted Agricultural Sprayer with 15 meter boom


1000 litre tractor mounted agricultural sprayer with 15 meter boom and galvanized chassis with 3 plus 1 manifold.

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1000 Litre Tolmet Tractor Mounted Agricultural Sprayer with 15 meter boom

Tolmet supplies a professional 3-point linkage mounted agricultural boom sprayer range at a budget price. Introducing the 1000 Litre Tractor Mounted Agricultural Sprayer with 15 meter boom.


With a substantial 1000-litre tank made from LLD-PE polyethylene, this agricultural sprayer with 15 meter boom ensures ample capacity for larger jobs. The tank is built to withstand rigorous use and is resistant to UV exposure from sunlight to guarantee long-lasting performance. Its robust galvanized chassis adds further durability, making it capable of withstanding tough working conditions.

The 1000 tank size comes with a choice of squat and tall variants. The squat tank variant is designed like a side oriented barrel affording the whole sprayer more compactness. The compact design gives reduced height, easier filling and a low centre of gravity for hill country and steep contoured terrain. The alternative taller version of the tank incorporates an additional clean water tank with auto-flush cleaning system. This simplifies maintenance and reduces chemical hazard in public/farmyard spaces. Auto clean is preferred for municipal and sports pitch spraying. The taller design incorporates a ladder and inspection platform to give access to the tank-top lid.

Standard Features

We give you 110-degree standard fan type nozzles complete with standard blue caps to deliver consistent spray patterns for optimal dispersion. Manifold sections are are 5 plus 1. For ease of use, this sprayer includes an electric shut-off control system as standard granting control of the entire boom from your tractor’s cab. The in-cab control box puts you in charge, enabling precise application and minimizing wastage on headlands and between non-contiguous patches. A pressure gauge helps you monitor and adjust spray intensity according to your requirements, ensuring efficient, consistent and accurate spraying.

The generously robust 15 meter galvanized boom features a sprung break-back with end protectors offering exceptional resilience over a multi-season life. This boom has gravity tilt with a mechanical lock and incorporates hydraulic height control as standard. Regulator is 5 plus 1.

Maintenance and convenience are key considerations with the 1000 litre tractor mounted agricultural sprayer. It features a 15-litre hand-wash tank for immediate skin care and safety.


The sprayer is driven by a triple chamber pump, delivering an impressive flow rate of 140 litres per minute. The triple cylinder design ensures reliability and performance, enabling coverage of large areas efficiently.


The integrated basket strainer within the lid filters the mix to preventing clogging and ensuring a smooth operation. The internal tank agitator guarantees proper mixing of the sprayed solutions, maximizing their effectiveness.


For added versatility, the 1015 litre tractor mounted agricultural crop sprayer offers several optional features. Choose the triple nozzle configuration for specialized applications. Opt for full electric control on each independent boom section for precise spray results. The self-fill suction system simplifies and accelerates refilling operations. With this 15 meter version the hydraulic height control built in and included in the price. The hand-lance with a 10-meter hose allows for spot spraying, and the chemical induction hopper facilitates easy, fast and more thorough mixture preparation. The internal clean water flush system option with the tall tank variant simplifies maintenance and reduces hazard in public spaces. The tall tank variant comes with trunked hose lines for tidiness and snag free operation.


With this 1000 litre Tolmet tractor mounted agricultural sprayer, your satisfaction is our priority. We provide a two-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind with reliable after-sales support. Our staff are available 7 days per week and around the year to provide support, advice and spares. We include a two-year warranty card and a certificate of conformity for five years from the date of sale. Our warranty ensures your investment is protected and without the need for the annual NSTS MOT for the first 5 years of the sprayer’s life. Rest easy because we at Agritrend offer excellent after-sales service, support and advice available 7 days per week.


If you purchase the tall variant of this 1000 litre sprayer with induction hopper, full electric control and the internal self-cleaning system we grant a £500 promotional discount

Equipment summary


  • Single 110 degree standard fan type nozzles, blue caps. Variations available
  • Tank made of LLD-PE polyethylene
  • Robust galvanized boom, 15m width with sprung breakback and end protectors
  • Heavy duty galvanised chassis
  • 15-litre hand-wash tank
  • 3 plus 1 manifold with additional pressure balancing taps
  • Electric shut-off control to whole boom with in cab control box
  • Ladder and operator foot platform for access to the lid
  • Trunked hosing
  • Inline filters to boom spray-lines
  • Pressure gauge
  • Basket strainer integrated with the lid
  • Internal tank agitator
  • Triple chamber pump 140l / min
  • Winch height adjustment presented at operator waist height for easy use
  • 750mm PTO shaft
  • Two-year warranty card
  • Certificate of conformity for five years from sale


  • Triple nozzles
  • Electric control on/off whole boom with in cab control box
  • Self-fill suction system
  • 12 meter boom options
  • Hand-lance with 10 meter hose for spot spraying
  • Chemical induction hopper
  • Internal clean water flush system


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