300 Litre Tolmet Tractor Mounted Agricultural Sprayer with 6 meter boom


300 litre tractor mounted agticultural sprayer with 6 meter boom and galvanised chassis with 3 plus 1 manifold.

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300 Litre Tolmet Tractor Mounted Agricultural Sprayer with 6 meter boom

Tolmet supplies a professional 3-point linkage mounted agricultural boom sprayer for a budget price. Introducing the 300 litre Tolmet tractor mounted agricultural crop sprayer with 6 meter boom. The economic solution for efficient and precise crop spraying. Designed for tractor compatibility, this high-performance sprayer is equipped with all the essential features to enhance your spraying performance.


With its 300-liter capacity, this sprayer ensures extended coverage while minimizing the need for frequent refills. The tank is constructed using durable LLD-PE polyethylene material, guaranteeing resistance to UV degradation and providing long-lasting reliability. Crafted with a heavy-duty galvanized chassis, this sprayer offers exceptional stability and durability, enabling it to withstand the rigors of agricultural work. Tolmet agricultural sprayers have robust galvanized booms. The sprung breakback and end protectors add an extra layer of protection against potential obstacles or user error ensuring uninterrupted spraying in any terrain.

Standard Features

Equipped with single 110-degree standard fan type nozzles, enclosed by blue caps, this sprayer ensures consistent and effective dispersion of your chosen agricultural, horticultural and ground care solutions. The 15-liter hand-wash tank allows for convenient hand cleaning, while the 3 plus 1 manifold provides flexibility in using the boom width in whole or in part. For ease of use, the robust manual shut-off controls on the regulator feature additional pressure balance taps. There is a pressure gauge, enabling you to maintain precise control over the spraying process. We provide a 750mm PTO shaft to couple with your tractor.


The integrated basket strainer with the lid filters out impurities, preventing clogging and ensuring a smooth operation. The internal tank agitator guarantees proper mixing of the sprayed solutions, maximizing their effectiveness.


The 200 models are powered by a double chamber pump units with a flow rate of 120 liters per minute. This output delivers consistent and efficient spraying performance. The winch height adjustment allows you to customize the boom height according to your specific requirements.


To further enhance your spraying capabilities, we offer optional upgrades for the 306 tractor mounted agricultural sprayer. These include triple nozzles for specialized chemicals and nutrients, electric control for on/off functionality of the entire boom from the comfort of your tractor cabin, and full electric control for independent boom sections, enabling precise targeting of specific areas. The self-fill suction system simplifies the refilling process, while the hand-lance with a 10-meter hose facilitates spot spraying in hard-to-reach areas.


With the 300 liter Tolmet tractor mounted agricultural sprayer, your satisfaction is our priority. We provide a two-year warranty card, ensuring peace of mind and reliable after-sales support available 7 days per week and around the year. Additionally, a certificate of conformity is included to grant a spray waiver for up to five years from the date of purchase.

Equip your tractor with the 300 liter Tolmet tractor mounted agricultural crop sprayer with 6 meter boom and experience ease of use, efficiency, reliability and precision in your crop spraying. Experience our excellent customer service with advice and parts support available 7 days per week.

Equipment summary


  • Single 110 degree standard fan type nozzles, blue caps. Variations available
  • Tank made of LLD-PE polyethylene
  • Robust galvanized boom, 6m width with sprung breakback and end protectors
  • Heavy duty galvanised chassis
  • 15-litre hand-wash tank
  • 3 plus 1 manifold
  • Robust manual shut-off controls with additional pressure balance taps
  • Pressure gauge
  • Basket strainer integrated with the lid
  • Internal tank agitator
  • Double chamber pump 120l / min
  • Winch height adjustment for the boom
  • 750mm PTO shaft
  • Two-year warranty card
  • Certificate of conformity for five years from sale


  • Triple nozzles
  • Electric control on/off whole boom with in cab control box
  • Electric control independent boom sections with in cab control box
  • Self-fill suction system
  • Hand-lance with 10 meter hose for spot spraying


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